Though there is plenty of information on the topic on the Internet, it is still hard to give an answer to this seemingly banal and easy question “what good web design is”. Basically for different professionals “good web design” means different things. That is why we asked our own experts of “The Loupe” team to provide and explain their point of view and of course, give examples.

Good web design never sacrifices usability to beauty

Romain Kovbasuk, UI/UX design expert: “It is not always possible for a client to define the quality of the web design from the first glance. But fortunately, it can be measured. For this, you should pay attention to how new design influences session duration on the website, how it influences interactions and if you get more leads. These and other parameters could be improved via well thought web design. In short: good web design brings maximum benefit to the customer. If you have good web design, you can get better results: enhance user experience, usability and conversion rates. But there is a popular misconception that the best websites are the ones with the most attractive and beautiful graphics. However, such layouts often turn out to be completely ineffective. An experienced web designer will never sacrifice usability to beauty.” Romain likes works of the studios:!/work/

Good web design could be measured

Romain Petrowski, online marketing expert: “We can speak of the good web design, if the website with this design fulfils the task, for which it was developed. If it is not the case, the web design is definitely poor. There are various performance metrics that show for how long people stay on the website, which buttons they click, etc. Of course, it takes a professional to interpret all of these accurately. But here is a general rule: if your web design doesn’t contribute to self-absorbing user experience, it won’t do. No usability – no sales.” To find examples of the best web design, Romain recommends to look at works of the winners of this competition

The questions “how”, “when” and “why” visitor comes to the website should be addressed and have impact on the design

Tetyana Karpenko-Duebbers, expert on computer mediated interaction, CEO at The Loupe: “Good web design makes your website navigation intuitive. Users should not stare the screen, trying to figure out where a menu or a “Contact” button is. Often we see two extremes here. Either one can have very creative web design with nice pictures and animation, but a user can not understand where to press or scroll. The other extreme - a lot of texts, buttons and options, and you are just lost in all these. Good web design is the kind of design which serves the main purpose of the website. Then all the steps from the point when a visitor enter the website and performs the target action are well thought through. The questions “how”, “when” and “why” a visitor comes to the website are also addressed and have impact on the design. But at the same time the design should be modern and should not look outdated. Good web design should also take into consideration target group characteristics, especially in terms of cultures and languages. Multilingual websites are often a challenge for development companies, which do not have substantial experience with providing such services. Still, a good web designer should take care of navigating such websites.” To see examples of good web design, Tetyana recommends websites, produced by “The Loupe” To sum up, you have good web design, if
  1. All the steps from the point when a visitor enters the website and performs the target action are well thought through.
  2. Design is modern and not outdated
  3. And at the end of the day, it increases session duration on the website, improves lead generation and helps make sales.
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