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Though there is plenty of information on the topic on the Internet, it is still hard to give an answer to this seemingly banal and easy question “what good web design is”. Basically for different professionals “good web design” means different things.
“My friends and competitors are successfully selling through their Instagram accounts. I wouldn’t mind doing the same, since my business is no less "photogenic". The problem is I don’t know how to approach this channel...
This paradox is familiar to almost all business owners. You have a cool-looking website equipped with the hottest bells and whistles, but its conversions are few, if any.
You’ve heard it all before. Mobile is important. Smartphones rule the world. But why waste time on mobile-optimization, if a desktop website works perfectly fine and has decent ranking results?
You run a business. It has an top notch website, which brings in lots of clients. What else might one wish for? And yet, you realize there is potential for something greater, since your products or services may be of interest to people from other countries.
That’s a good question. And the answer is not as obvious as it seems. According to a recent survey performed by Clutch, 46% of small businesses do not have a corporate website. If so many companies refuse to bother themselves with online presence, why should you?
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Our clients often ask: what is better - a Facebook page or a website? In general, these two differ like second hand and brand new clothes.
In business, they talk about branding all the time. You ought to have a style to differ from others, and that style is mainly represented by a logo. It is a showcase demonstrated to the prospective customers, a face turned to them.
The process of picking the right typeface is truly mazy – too many options, too little clues. Yes, the web is overfilled with tips, rules and guidelines on the topic, but they seem to be aimed at calligraphy geeks. No explanations – just an endless list of possible matches.
There is a whole bunch of open resources allowing anyone to create a website without paying a single cent.
The abbreviation CMS stands for Content Management System (or in some sources – Content Management Software). In fact, it is a computer program designed to place and edit different kinds of web content.