This article will give you an answer to the question of when the website of a company is a hidden asset, when it is an asset only on paper, and in which cases a website can gain or lose in value.
Set up in the restored manor where the famed French author spent several months of his exile in 1871, Victor Hugo House Literary Museum in Vianden exhibits the letters, drawings, manuscripts, and personal possessions of the legendary poet and novelist.
Though there is plenty of information on the topic on the Internet, it is still hard to give an answer to this seemingly banal and easy question “what good web design is”. Basically for different professionals “good web design” means different things.
Here’s a simple fact: you cannot sell anything to a person, if you don’t know whom you are dealing with. And the more information you have, the higher the chance to “hook” a client.
You’ve heard it all before. Mobile is important. Smartphones rule the world. But why waste time on mobile-optimization, if a desktop website works perfectly fine and has decent ranking results?
There is a whole bunch of open resources allowing anyone to create a website without paying a single cent.
The abbreviation CMS stands for Content Management System (or in some sources – Content Management Software). In fact, it is a computer program designed to place and edit different kinds of web content.
A few weeks ago, Google started a radical campaign encouraging websites to change the HTTP protocol to HTTPS.
Do you think that developers spend all the time writing a code for a program or for a website? Then you are wrong! Their thoughts are centered on consumers.
Let’s be honest - while surfing the web we are all more candid. In front of the screen - being one to one with it - we are stripped from the conventions of society. We may write letters and converse publicly in a language(s) that is more prestigious. But once left alone with a search engine only one thing matters - convenience. One to one with Google we use the language with which we are more at ease just because nobody will judge us.