Poster for a charity organisation. Thought-provoking design

These billboards show our charity poster. It speaks for those who won’t survive another winter without aid. The fading silhouette on the snowy background empowered by the slogan "Look! I am here" draws attention to Luxembourgian derelicts – the “unseen” inhabitants of the bankers’ city. The poster was produced for the charity organisation Stёmm vun der Strooss.


Design for brochures, flyers and mailing for a non-profit organisation.

The poster "Look! I am here" is helping to raise donations for Stёmm vun der Strooss, a non-profit organization that supports homeless in Luxembourg. The concept works for both outdoor and printed advertising (brochures, flyers, mailing, et cetera).


Design for T-shirts, branded clothes for a non-profit organisation

The design is also used on promotional T-shirts, which increase the campaign awareness of the charity organisation Stёmm vun der Strooss. No fabrics can blur our design – it remains distinctive regardless of the material.