While fashionistas are cutting logos off their designer clothes, non-fashion brands keep using promotional wears. All those hats, T-shirts and jackets emblazoned with the names of sport teams, political candidates and various companies seem to be everywhere you look. What makes corporate apparel so popular? Can it really benefit your business? Let’s figure that out.  

Promotional clothing… promotes

Obvious but true. Branded apparel turns anyone who wears it into a walking ambassador of the company. Though this method of marketing might seem costly, the investment is worthy in the long run. Once an employee or a client puts on a logoed item, he or she starts selling your brand for free.

Therefore, you should consider using corporate stuff as a giveaway for the existing and prospective customers. Such move can widen your audience, because, as a rule, people do not mind keeping and wearing gifts. Of course, you’ve got to ensure the clothes are made of high quality fabrics, otherwise your clients may spread the wrong word about the company.

It hits the target

Branded workwear makes the employees easy-to-recognize, which encourages customers to ask them for help. Besides people dressed in uniform always seem more reliable, so corporate clothes may become your competitive advantage, as clients tend to choose companies with the most professional-looking stuff.

In addition, branded apparel can speak for your business. Colorful jerseys prompt you are at a sport store, bright polos fit a casual restaurant, and button down shirts create a serious air of a supply office. In other words, a uniform shows what to expect from your services. Thus, if selected properly, it will attract the proper clientele with the needed interests and level of income.

Corporate wears = Corporate spirit

Matching outfits create a team front, which is vital not only for trade shows, exhibitions and athletic events, but for everyday work as well. Even a simple white T-shirt with a corporate logo enhances the sense of unity improving focus and motivation.

One should also remember that eye-catching garments give the employees a certain sense of pride that affects their effectiveness. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on print and design. Just follow a simple checklist:

  • Does the apparel flatter both men and women?
  • Is it durable and easy to clean?
  • Does the logo look edgy and catchy?
  • Have you included a haunting slogan?
  • Are the clothes appropriate for the image you want to present? Bright colors and graffiti prints may work for trendy companies, but ones that are more formal would require neutral shades and graphics.
  • Do the logo match the attire in color? Do not forget there are combinations that cannot be distinguished by colorblind people, such as red and green.
  • Have you chosen the right technique? Note that heat transfer is cheaper, silkscreen guarantees deep colors, and embroidery is expensive but impressive and long-lived.

If each answer is “yes”, you can be sure the wear will work as powerful marketing and team-building tool. After all, appearance sells. Why not use it?   Contact us to get more information!