It is a common belief that branding is highly important to marketers, consumers, and society-at-large. But several years ago there arose a movement stating that branding is actually not ethical.
Running a business is a long journey. Although naming your brand occurs at the very beginning, it lays the foundation for your future success.
If you run a local business or a charity in a country as small as Luxembourg, it is important to keep clients attached to your brand values. There are different ways to do it, but this case study will cover the potentialities of a graphic design makeover.       
In business, they talk about branding all the time. You ought to have a style to differ from others, and that style is mainly represented by a logo. It is a showcase demonstrated to the prospective customers, a face turned to them.
While fashionistas are cutting logos off their designer clothes, non-fashion brands keep using promotional wears. All those hats, T-shirts and jackets emblazoned with the names of sport teams, political candidates and various companies seem to be everywhere you look.
Despite the common belief, good company branding requires more than a cool logo. As the name would suggest, branding is a complex process.  But you should not forget what it is all about.
The process of picking the right typeface is truly mazy – too many options, too little clues. Yes, the web is overfilled with tips, rules and guidelines on the topic, but they seem to be aimed at calligraphy geeks. No explanations – just an endless list of possible matches.
How our contribution helped a non-profit organization to triple its donations.