This is not a secret that a lot of association and clubs are struggling to find reliable technical support for their websites. Let's help them together! Do you know an association or club? We have a special offer for them!
This article will give you an answer to the question of when the website of a company is a hidden asset, when it is an asset only on paper, and in which cases a website can gain or lose in value.
We all live in an incredibly interesting time - the era of digital marketing. Due to digital marketing we can now reach out to the clients in a different and completely new dimension - the Internet.
 Google’s search algorithm changes constantly – about 600 a year, sometimes several times a day. Most of these changes are minor, but some can seriously affect your rankings.
Despite conventional wisdom, the web development life cycle outsteps coding. Read on to learn what stages you need to go through before launching a website.
 A lot of brands large and small dream of having a mobile application.
Most business owners would agree that collecting customer reviews is important. But the benefits they usually mention (affecting strategy, improving communications) refer to marketing, rather than customer feedback itself. Therefore, we have decided to scratch the surface of the subject.
“Get hundreds of variants and pay only for the one you like”. Such and similar slogans use platforms where you can post a task and invite designers to work on it for free. Only the winning design gets a cash prize.
How do people spend their money? Or – to be more specific – how do they buy? Is it always a self-reliant decision? Not at all, says Richard Thaler, the newest Nobel Prize winner for economics.
There is no better place to experiment with paid advertising than social networks. Where else can you quickly promote a startup at minimal cost? Plus, some platforms allow brands to decide whether their ideas are worth investing in. One such media is Facebook.
“My friends and competitors are successfully selling through their Instagram accounts. I wouldn’t mind doing the same, since my business is no less "photogenic". The problem is I don’t know how to approach this channel...
You run a business. It has an top notch website, which brings in lots of clients. What else might one wish for? And yet, you realize there is potential for something greater, since your products or services may be of interest to people from other countries.