Set up in the restored manor where the famed French author spent several months of his exile in 1871, Victor Hugo House Literary Museum in Vianden exhibits the letters, drawings, manuscripts, and personal possessions of the legendary poet and novelist. Each year it welcomes just under 3000 visitors from more than 10 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and China.

Strategic goals for the museum

The museum sought our expertise to create a new website. The digital refresh was needed to provide a better user experience for inspiring visits and driving interest to Victor Hugo’s heritage. To accomplish this, the website had to go clear, immersive, and global.


Museum marketing concept

Knowing that museum visitors prefer visual browsing to linear narratives, we have built the new website around the exhibitions of Victor Hugo House. Each page features the author’s imagery, handwriting, and sketches. The dynamic collages don’t tell a story about the museum but show what it has to offer, which teases users to come and learn more. The other elements – the colors, the fonts, the layouts – were given the minimalist treatment so that web design won’t distract from the museum’s artwork and collection pieces. The palette was changed from pink & peach to a more subtle variant – cloud grey & caramel brown; the texts were reorganized – all to improve the readability score.

Clear navigation of the website

Understanding how digital marketing for museums works, we have optimized the information architecture. The focus was shifted on the most important categories to allow users immediately find what they came for. Not only does the simplicity contribute to a positive experience, but it also calls to action. A clear display of upcoming events on the homepage and What’s New pages increases the conversion rate.  

Immersive experience enhances digital marketing

Since exhibitions make up the foremost content of a museum’s website, The Loupe’s design mirrored the feeling of walking through the halls of Victor Hugo House by adding the 360° interactive photos of its antique interiors and up-to-date expositions. Virtual tours stimulate involvement and encourage in-person visits, which ranked highest among the goals for the new website. Artefact showcases are also meant to increase average session duration and lower overall bounce rate.


Languages and Responsiveness

To effectively reach the museum’s key audiences, we have adapted the design to every type of device and provided the ability to change languages. The old website was available in French only, which set a cultural barrier for a significant part of prospective visitors. By adding means for language switch, we enabled capturing new users and creating a global community around the heritage of Victor Hugo. The cultural sensitive approach would strengthen the museum’s brand and help it cultivate the author’s memory from international perspective.



+ Positive feedback.

+ Streamline across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

+ Opportunities for international museum marketing.

The new website of Victor Hugo House delivers the museum’s objectives in a way that makes the most of their online presence. It turns the showpieces into a call to action and facilitates smooth user journeys. If your website needs a makeover to do just that, consider contacting The Loupe. We will be glad to help you with digital marketing for museums, IT or any other type of business.