Set up in the restored manor where the famed French author spent several months of his exile in 1871, Victor Hugo House Literary Museum in Vianden exhibits the letters, drawings, manuscripts, and personal possessions of the legendary poet and novelist.
We all live in an incredibly interesting time - the era of digital marketing. Due to digital marketing we can now reach out to the clients in a different and completely new dimension - the Internet.
It is a common belief that branding is highly important to marketers, consumers, and society-at-large. But several years ago there arose a movement stating that branding is actually not ethical.
 Google’s search algorithm changes constantly – about 600 a year, sometimes several times a day. Most of these changes are minor, but some can seriously affect your rankings.
 A lot of brands large and small dream of having a mobile application.
Everybody keeps talking about social media success stories. Well, if other brands make fortunes on likes, shares and comments, so can you. Right?
We are used to thinking that what customers like mostly depends on what other customers like. In other words, popular products are supposedly “better” than less successful ones, no matter the quality.
There is no better place to experiment with paid advertising than social networks. Where else can you quickly promote a startup at minimal cost? Plus, some platforms allow brands to decide whether their ideas are worth investing in. One such media is Facebook.
Everybody agrees that promotion through social networks is not an option but a total must. But how to make the most of it? How to make all efforts count? There is a simple tool.   Unravelling the Sales Funnel  
Commercial advertisement seems to be falling out of fashion these days. Everybody blames it all on millennials who don’t trust the praises big brands sing to themselves.
99% of users are irritated by personalized adverts shown at inappropriate times. That’s why many companies no longer consider targeted advertising to be the magic wand it was just a few years ago.
Here’s a simple fact: you cannot sell anything to a person, if you don’t know whom you are dealing with. And the more information you have, the higher the chance to “hook” a client.