Articles about business cases and projects in web design and graphic design in Luxembourg made by "The Loupe".

We live in a polyglot world. This is especially true for European countries like Luxembourg: an average Luxembourgian speaks up to five different languages a day. Children who grow up in such a multilingual environment require tech-filled aid in increasing their language awareness.
Running a business is a long journey. Though naming your brand occurs at the very beginning, it lays the foundation for your future success.
When working at a campaign, we often supply clients with PR support at no extra cost. Our team identifies target verticals and key areas of expertise, plans newsworthy events, writes press releases and give clear guidelines how and when to send them to the relevant media.
If you run a local business or a charity in a country as small as Luxembourg, it is important to keep clients attached to your brand values. There are different ways to do it, but this case study will cover the potentialities of a graphic design makeover.       
Do you feel like your offer is worth more sign-ups and entries? Try to change the way you are presenting it. In this case study, we will show you how an international roaming “lowcoster” increased the number of online purchases by engaging with customers in their language.
We were recently contacted by ‘Biolaser’, a medical centre in Luxembourg that offers a wide range of aesthetic medical services using brand-new laser technologies from leading manufacturers.
How our contribution helped a non-profit organization to triple its donations.