A lot of brands large and small dream of having a mobile application. Continue reading
 Companies and buyers interact through various channels, which include news, advertising, social media and consumer sentiment. Continue reading
If you run a local business or a charity in a country as small as Luxembourg, it is important to keep clients attached to your brand values. There are different ways to do it, but this case study will cover the potentialities of a graphic design makeover.        Continue reading
Most business owners would agree that collecting customer reviews is important. But the benefits they usually mention (affecting strategy, improving communications) refer to marketing, rather than customer feedback itself. Therefore, we have decided to scratch the surface of the subject. Continue reading
1. I spent a lot of time on a website of one of the big international courier services trying to figure out how to get necessary information. Their website showed me automatically version in... Dutch (I live in Luxembourg) and there was no possibility to switch languages. Continue reading
“Get hundreds of variants and pay only for the one you like”. Such and similar slogans use platforms where you can post a task and invite designers to work on it for free. Only the winning design gets a cash prize. Continue reading
Though commonly associated with video gaming, virtual reality (VR), alongside augmented reality (AR), holds immense potential to change marketing regardless of the industry. According to a recent Greenlight VR report, 53% of consumers would buy from any business applying this tech. It is a telling argument, isn’t it? Continue reading
The world has reached the point where a no name with better peer reviews can compete with a top brand in almost any industry. Does this mean branding is not a thing anymore? Continue reading
The holiday is in its full play, and major brands are bombarding us with another portion of Christmas-themed commercials. While most of those will soon be forgotten, some might get on the list of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to become legends. Continue reading
Why do people really use Facebook? What makes them quit or stay? Why do the majority of users never dare to flee? The questions many users and social media marketing specialists have been asking are now answered by scientists. Read more in our brief guide on the latest research news about Facebook. Continue reading
Though there is plenty of information on the topic on the Internet, it is still hard to give an answer to this seemingly banal and easy question “what good web design is”. Basically for different professionals “good web design” means different things. Continue reading
Everybody keeps talking about social media success stories. Well, if other brands make fortunes on likes, shares and comments, so can you. Right? Continue reading