The process of picking the right typeface is truly mazy – too many options, too little clues. Yes, the web is overfilled with tips, rules and guidelines on the topic, but they seem to be aimed at calligraphy geeks. No explanations – just an endless list of possible matches. Continue reading
Even in today’s digital age, print marketing still stays afloat. Each day we deal with dozens of flyers, catalogues and business cards made of good old paper. The problem is that most of these items fail to catch the eye before being thrown to a bin. Why? Continue reading
There is a whole bunch of open resources allowing anyone to create a website without paying a single cent. Continue reading
The profession of a computer programmer is often perceived as a man’s. For this reason it is even more interesting that the first program developer in history was a woman: Ada Lovelace. Continue reading
The abbreviation CMS stands for Content Management System (or in some sources – Content Management Software). In fact, it is a computer program designed to place and edit different kinds of web content. Continue reading
A few weeks ago, Google started a radical campaign encouraging websites to change the HTTP protocol to HTTPS. Continue reading
Do you remember a time without Internet? Continue reading
We were recently contacted by ‘Biolaser’, a medical centre in Luxembourg that offers a wide range of aesthetic medical services using brand-new laser technologies from leading manufacturers. Continue reading
Some programmers use a rubber duck method for debugging. It means that you put (or imagine putting) a toy duck on your working table and explain to it in much detail what the program is supposed to do. Continue reading
Do you think that developers spend all the time writing a code for a program or for a website? Then you are wrong! Their thoughts are centered on consumers. Continue reading
Facebook novelty for businesses - Facebook Messenger Chatbots interested me from two perspectives. As an owner of a web development company, I wanted to know which tools Facebook provides for developers. Continue reading
Tetyana Karpenko interviews Svistlana Höhn, who has a PHD degree in computer science and works on creating chatbots. Continue reading