“My friends and competitors are successfully selling through their Instagram accounts. I wouldn’t mind doing the same, since my business is no less "photogenic". The problem is I don’t know how to approach this channel... Continue reading
This paradox is familiar to almost all business owners. You have a cool-looking website equipped with the hottest bells and whistles, but its conversions are few, if any. Continue reading
You’ve heard it all before. Mobile is important. Smartphones rule the world. But why waste time on mobile-optimization, if a desktop website works perfectly fine and has decent ranking results? Continue reading
The world is changing so quickly that you’ve got to run for dear life just to stay afloat. The only way to win this race is to follow closely the newest trends. Read on to discover digital tendencies that might upgrade any business in the nearest future. Continue reading
You run a business. It has an top notch website, which brings in lots of clients. What else might one wish for? And yet, you realize there is potential for something greater, since your products or services may be of interest to people from other countries. Continue reading
That’s a good question. And the answer is not as obvious as it seems. According to a recent survey performed by Clutch, 46% of small businesses do not have a corporate website. If so many companies refuse to bother themselves with online presence, why should you? Continue reading
We are pleased to get constant feedback from our readers and prospective clients. To make the interaction more effective, “The Loupe” is starting a new blog series – “Fast Q&A”. Continue reading
Our clients often ask: what is better - a Facebook page or a website? In general, these two differ like second hand and brand new clothes. Continue reading
In business, they talk about branding all the time. You ought to have a style to differ from others, and that style is mainly represented by a logo. It is a showcase demonstrated to the prospective customers, a face turned to them. Continue reading
For advertisers, the best kind of marketing in any form features innovation, doing things differently, and being part of the latest hot trend. A well-made or timely advert can make a lasting impression or in some instances become a cultural reference point for years to come. Continue reading
While fashionistas are cutting logos off their designer clothes, non-fashion brands keep using promotional wears. All those hats, T-shirts and jackets emblazoned with the names of sport teams, political candidates and various companies seem to be everywhere you look. Continue reading
Despite the common belief, good company branding requires more than a cool logo. As the name would suggest, branding is a complex process.  But you should not forget what it is all about. Continue reading